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All About The Products

You will have heard it all before, we are sure. Don't bother with products from the Barbers or Hairdressers, you can get the same thing online or in the big supermarkets.

Chime in the old school "wrong answer" noise. This statement simply isn't true! The reason that Barber Shops (reputable ones) offer products for you to take home, is because we truly believe in them. We spend years trying to find the right product set to ensure that we can offer every style going.

We will have tested them and tested them again to make sure that we can recommend the right product for the type of hair you have or maybe even the style that you desire.

Yes you can go and get something off the shelf in your favourite supermarket, but how do you know by the time you get it home and start styling with it, whether it will achieve the result you want? Last time we checked, supermarket attendants don't have years of experience in the hair world.

Hair can be a funny old thing and sometimes it does exactly what you want without the use of products (oh how we wish that happened more often than not) but usually you will need a product to hold that awesome do in place. This is where our knowledge and expertise come into play.

Rather than spending a huge amount of time and money investing into products that may or may not work, you can simply get a recommendation from your Barber and also be shown how to apply and achieve the result that you want.

Surely that is better than trying to find the right thing, without success!