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On the Tools

Ever heard the saying "Don't blame the tools, blame the worker" to a degree, this is correct, which is why we invest heavily into our tools.

When offering services like Haircuts and Beard trims, it's important to make sure that the tools you are using are Sharp, Presice and above all Hygienic. Believe it or not, a dull un-sharpened blade is far more likely to attract germs and infestations. Keeping blades sharp and regularly servicing and replacing equipment is a must!

You may have been in a situation where you feel yuor hair being pulled when the clippers are being used, this is down to dull blades and also not regularly maintaining equipment and oiling.

All the skill in the world will never be enough if your Barbers are cutting your hair with sub standard equipment, no matter how much people tell you that is not the case. The proof is in the pudding, if you feel tugs, nips, pulling and so on when your hair is being cut, the likely offender is the equipment.

The last part of our blog post is disinfection.

cleanliness is a huge part of our industry, especially with the current climate. You must always make sure that whichever Barbers you visit, they are using licensed equipment cleaners and disinfectors.

There is nothing wrong with asking these questions and quite frankly, if you ask and are met with a response you are not keen on, the chances are that these licensed products are not being used!