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Community Spirit

The days are gone where stepping into a Barber Shop and leaving 5 minutes later with a hair cut that you are fairly dis-satisfied with and what a wonderful time it is! We have always taken great pride in offering a service as well as a fantastic hair cut or beard trim and we are very pleased that our beloved industry has now taken this turn and that we are all focusing on the service!

Of course the usual suspects are within our list of what makes a great Barbers, Friendly Staff, Precision Cutting, Styling Products to die for, Education, Training, Cleanliness and a good old fashioned chin wag, however one thing we have found that seperates the wheat from the chaff is Community

Through our years of knowledge and experience we have found that the true testimant to a great Barber Shop is the community spirit. We have all had that awkward moment, sitting in front of the Barber who is about to cut our hair, thinking, did they listen to what I wanted? Have they done this cut before? Oh my god, are you seriously going to use that thing on my hair? This is an issue that is stamped out by a Barber Shop that holds Community spirit at the heart of what they do.

Take for example if you visited a Champion Barbers, you would receive not only recommendations and advice from our supremely trained staff, you would also speak with our customers about their experiences and what they feel is best to go with too. As the title of our blog suggests, it's all about Community!

Obviously receiving a great haircut is fundemental, but as you can probably see, the fact that our customers know us so well, that they even feel confident to discuss their service, products and experiences with other customers, really does show you that what we offer is not just your average Barber Shop, it also shows that this is something you should be looking for when finding your perfect Barbers.

To summarise, we would always suggest to get a good feel for your Barber Shop, dont feel like you have to walk in, sit down and be the next in line, this is not the case! Ask questions, get the attention of a Barber and direct your questions towards them, if they seem like they don't have the time or are too busy, you can gauge it pretty well from there.