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Master the Art of Barbering: Join Our Barber Shop Apprentice Program Today!

Looking to become a Barber?

Our barbering apprenticeships are the best way to learn and we would always recommend this route, but it’s not always for everyone, that’s why we also offer the separate barber courses away from apprenticeships. We can even help you find a shop if you don’t have one to work in with our extensive list of barbershop partners.

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Our Apprentice Barbering Course Includes:

You will graduate at a premium level well above the usual standard qualification level, so that you can work immediately in any barber shop upon graduation. You will be taught advanced hair styles within our barber training academy outside of the normal standards. No student leaves our school unless they are good enough to cut hair in a shop, free additional training provided if needed.

What’s included:

Cutting Techniques
Classic & Creative

Scissor Work
Sectioning, scissor over comb, texturing, layering, and building the structure of a haircut as well as long hair

Clipper Work

Style & Finishing Techniques

Skin Fades

Razor Touch Ups

Beard and Moustache Trimming

Advanced Disconnected Haircuts

Shampooing and Conditioning Hair and scalp

Customer Service Skills

Professionalism to a standard of a top end barbershop 

Health & Safety

Consultation Skills

You will walk away with:

Champion Barbers Diploma

City & Guilds Level 2

Apprenticeship pricing:

Its FREE to the student, and you will also be paid while you learn.

Employers will get a grant and a bonus to pay for the apprentice.

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How long are our barbering apprenticeships?

Complete the full-year program and become a skilled barber, guaranteed!

You must do a minimum of 30 hours a week fully paid

  • 2 days a week will be in our training facility, other days will be within the shop you're employed with.

  • With our intense 2 days a week training, we find that our average student will be cutting in the shop within 2 months of starting.

  • Our barber shop apprenticeship’s last for 12 months minimum. 

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Start your new career in Barbering, find out more here!

Please complete this enquiry form and we will contact you with full details of our apprenticeship schemes and availability. We endeavour to reply to all enquiries within 48hrs, but apologise if it takes longer during busy or holiday periods.


Looking for an apprentice or staff?

Apprenticeships: We can also help other Barber Shops to train their own apprentices. Your shop will even get £2000 to cover the training cost! Your apprentices will receive live shop environment experience, training alongside ours, no corners cut. Full training will be given 2 days a week in our training facility, apprentices can then spend the rest of the week working within your shop, growing these skills, building your client base and becoming part of your brand.​

Staff: We understand the challenges of finding reliable barbers, which is why we're here to help. Simply send us your details, and we'll keep you informed about both new and experienced barbers seeking employment in a shop like yours.


Email us your details:

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